Spring Detox: De-Junk the Trunk

Just as a closet can collect clutter…our bodies hang on to baggage. They need a cleanse.

Join me in my yoga classes this month as we concentrate on breathing techniques, hip openers and twists to cleanse and rejuvenate.

The results are ENERGIZING!!

In getting rid of the junk we can make room for healthy practices.

Even the smallest change can bring about big results.

Photo: cambiodefractal

Like planting a tiny seed in fertile soil and nourished over time grows into a mature life sustaining plant, we too can plant seeds of nourishing practices that, when fertilized consistently, transform us into our healthiest self yet.

Three seeds for change…

  1. Give a Hug – There’s nothing so sweet as a genuine hug (or embrace). My kids learned a song in Kindergarten that went something like…”Four hugs a day, that’s the minimum, 4 hugs a day, not the maximum…” so give them away freely! And if you need a hug don’t be shy about asking for one.
  2. Commit to getting enough rest…general rule is 7-8 hours of consistent sleep per night. This commitment will pay back 10 fold as you have more energy to accomplish tasks in your day. Your body needs repair time and starving it of sleep can have a devastating effect and even shave years off your life. I’m on my 2nd month of committing to going to bed by 10:30pm and I’m finding that I’ve developed a real habit of going to bed late. This has proven to be ultra hard for me. I know on the days when I am consistent I have more energy, focus and little or no frustrations. I’m taking it one day at a time until it becomes an unconscious habit of health. Wish me luck! (Photo: Phil and Pam on Flickr)
  3. Complete a project – incomplete projects take energy. The stack of papers, taxes, unfinished outside deck, painting the wall, pile of clothes are all unconsciously saying, “Hey, I’m unfinished business!” Each and every time you encounter them it is a reminder and can derail your train of thought causing you to lose focus and clutter the mind. It may seem insignificant, however, the reality is that clutter in the home = cutter in the mind. A spacious, clean de-cluttered environment can free your mind for more creative ventures. So go ahead – DEJUNK!

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