Lila – Pastime, Sport or Play

The possibilities are limitless this month! Our theme for May is Lila (pronounce lee-la) which literally means “pastime”, “sport” or “play”.

I remember as a kid living in Ohio that summer rain showers meant you donned a swimsuit and went outside to play! We played in the streets where the water would collect up past our knees and we could float down the gutters touching the ground with only our hands letting our feet trail behind. OK – not very sanitary – but who cared anyway…not me! I was PLAYING and having FUN and SPORT in the RAIN!! When is the last time you played like a kid…no agenda, no expectation, no reason, just for FUN? There is something to be said about spontaneity. It spurs our creative side and gives us a rest from the mundane. It sets the mood to explore and discover with child like play from the heart!

Let the awe and wonder of the many possibilities move you through your asanas this month!

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