I woke up Sunday morning with anticipation and excitement. I lay in bed wondering what was different about today than any other day. “It’s not my birthday, it’s not Christmas, I don’t even have exciting plans.” So what is different? Sometimes when I wake up all I want to do is go back to bed. I have a lack of enthusiasm for life…or at least for the day. But today…hum, today was different. As I contemplated the possibilities I placed my hands over my heart to hear what it had to say. The answer was profound and tangible…

Deep, humble gratitude.

Gratitude. Photo: Kateswares on Flickr

My thoughts were on (and literally in) deep gratitude. It was almost as if I was having a near death experience and my life was flashing before my eyes. I could see clearly faces of friends, family, neighbors, teachers, students coming into my mind like a kid with a viewfinder toy. Each individual popped onto my in-mind screen and I saw their influence in my life. It was as if I was in my own “It’s a Wonderful Life” movie. My friends and business associates showing up for me every time I asked for what I needed. I was deeply moved by the love and caring of each individual. I realized that where people showed up for me the most was when I authentically asked (and prayed) for help for the things I could not do on my own. It was humbling. I have a network of family, friends, neighbors, and even people I’m not super fond of who support me in who I am. Each interaction is a reflection of me, my thoughts, my dreams, my perceptions. Thank you for teaching me, warning me, loving me and most of all being there for life’s ups and downs – celebrations and heartaches. I can’t think of a single achievement or dream that I have accomplished on my own. My heart is full of thanksgiving today. I can’t wait to get up and share my unique talents and gifts with an open heart, clear mind, and peaceful awareness.

“Today is a gift. I get to choose what kind of PRESENT it is.”

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