Five Tips to Keep You Cool This Summer…

I get so excited as we move into the summer months and the days get longer.

We have more BBQ’s, outdoor fun, gatherings with friends, and activities that create fond memories to last a lifetime.

In all of the excitement of summer it’s easy to overbook and exhaust ourselves in the name of FUN & GAMES.

I’ve got you covered with these five tips to keep yourself from burn out…

  1. Hydrate – everyday with water (1/2 your weight in ounces + 8 oz for every ½ hour of strenuous exercise). I cannot stress the importance of hydration. Your body is made up of 60-75% water. It’s how your cells move, divide, and assimilate vitamins and minerals. If you are feeling fatigued, have a headache, have dry mouth, or are constantly thirsty, you may be dehydrated. Check in with your water intake and keep tabs on it. For someone who is 130 lbs you would need to drink 4 quarts of water.
  2. Bedtime – Your best time to replenish the adrenals with sleep is between 10 – 12pm. Go ahead and head to bed with the sun (between 9-10pm.) Over time you’ll wake up automatically at about sunrise and feel refreshed.20160702_132009
  3. Peppermint (essential oil or leaves) – If you have access to peppermint essential oils this little power house can save the day and cool you off with just one drop. For every 16 oz of water add 1-2 drops of peppermint. (Use sparingly as it is strong.) The cool minty taste was a lifesaver in India where it’s 100 degrees in April with little air conditioning. You can use it in your smoothies as well. A favorite of mine is ¼ watermelon (cut into chunks) blended with ice, one TBLS chopped peppermint leaves, and the juice of 1 lime. Yummy and COOL!
  4. 12 Hour Rule – let your stomach rest and digest for 12 hours of the day…from 6pm – 6am or 7pm – 7am, etc. Eat regular meals during the other 12 hours of the day. This was a game changer for me. I found my sleeping was better when I stuck to the 12 hour rule.
  5. Viparita Karani – Sounds like a rap song but it’s a yoga posture and a great way to cool off and refresh. Translated it means Legs-up-the-wall pose and it’s worth it’s weight in benefits. Some of which are:
    • Cooling to the body (hot flashes be gone!)
    • Reduces Anxiety, depression, and menstrual cramps
    • Restores energy
    • Improves Arthritis2016-07 Viparita
    • Helps with Digestion
    • Relieves Headaches and Insomnia
    • Balances blood pressure
    • Respiratory ailments
    • Urinary disorders
    • Varicose veins

Of course there’s always the old standby of a having good old fashioned water-fight to cool you off. The water is refreshing and the playful energy can relieve stress and tension caused by burnout.

What do you do when you feel overworked and under nourished?

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