Aahhh Massage…

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You know you need it, but if you’re like me it keeps getting pushed to the end of your list.

I have just the remedy…I’m inviting you to my “Rock ‘n Roll Stretch & Renew Workshop“!

Massage, self massage (or roller therapy) is a very effective way to treat myofascial trigger points. These myofascial trigger points (muscle tissue that has taut bands or knots), can refer pain to other areas. For example, pain radiating from the hip down into the shin may be linked to a trigger point (tight knot) in the gluteal muscle. In addition to literally being a pain in the rear, trigger points may also limit range-of-motion, inhibit muscle strength, and cause early muscle fatigue.

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You can treat a trigger point by applying pressure directly to the tight band of muscle that causes the referred pain. That’s where a great licensed massage therapist comes in handy. If you don’t have that luxury you can do it yourself with roller therapy (click for Rock ‘N Roll Stretch & Renew workshop info). By applying pressure on the trigger point you should notice the referred pain start to go away. Consistent treatments can help restore normal muscle function and completely eliminate the painful trigger point.

What are the benefits?

An exerpt from the book “Foam Roller Techniques” by Michale Fredericson, MD & Terri Lyn S. Yamamoto, PHD and Mark Fadil, CMT explains it this way…

“Massage is also effective at mobilizing soft tissue such as muscles, neural tissue, fascia, and tendons. Its similar to stretching, but because you’re applying pressure to an isolated area, you’re able to focus the mobilization on a specific spot. This is useful for treating knots or bands of tight muscle, breaking adhesions within and between muscles and fascia, and accessing areas that are difficult to treat with conventional stretches. The end result is incresed flexibility and more normal movement patterns.”

WOW! Sign me up

Check out the workshop details here to see how you can Rock your world with roller-therapy…

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