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InTune Wellness 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Professional Yoga Training: Find Your Inner Voice


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Are you ready to take your practice to a whole new level? Our Yoga Alliance Credentialed 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training will prepare you to take a deeper dive into all aspects and modalities of yoga. Prepare to find your inner voice! Increase your efficacy as a Yoga Instructor, Workshop Presenter, as well as deepening your personal practice. You will study and learn the latest science discoveries, as well as the historical foundations upon which yoga is built.

Acceptance to this program will be contingent upon InTune Yoga receiving and reviewing the application. There is no application fee. Once accepted, there is an enrollment process with a $250 deposit that will go towards your Teacher Training Course Tuition. At that time we will require a signed Liability Agreement and Enrollment Agreement.

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    What styles of yoga have you experienced? (check all that apply)
    AnusaraPowerHot YogaRajaAshtangaIyengarForrestBikramKundaliniHatha

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    What styles of yoga have you taught or are currently teaching? (check all that apply)
    AnusaraPowerHot YogaRajaAshtangaIyengarForrestBikramKundaliniHatha

    Other :

    What aspects of advanced yoga are you most interested in? (check all that apply)
    Learning level 3/4 postures and/or strengthening my physical yoga practice.Up-leveling my skill set in sequencing classes and providing skillful progressions.Learning therapeutic applications for yoga.Learning more about subtle body anatomy.Learning about profitable business strategies and becoming a mindful professional.Learning about the mythology associated with yoga.Making connections with new science discoveries in the field of mindfulness.Diving more into the history of yoga: the styles, people, and origins of yoga.mantras, malas, and mudras

    what do you hope to gain by diving into an advanced study of yoga?

    Are there any conflicts that will compete for your attention and commitment to this program?

    If so, how will you balance your duties to create space for this teacher training program?

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    Linda Black Yoga Utah

    Linda Black Yoga Utah